Our Story

Mapmaker is lead by married co-founders with complementary skill sets. WE WORK WITH TALENTED partners to ROUND OUT OUR TEAM, ALLOWING US TO BE FLEXIBLE AND QUICK TO RESPOND.


Jess Bowyer, Owner

Jess Bowyer has 20 years of experience in design and communications. Throughout, her focus has been on asking the right questions, building strategy centered on user experience, and picking the right medium and tools to effectively communicate the message. Jess brings a unique panache for collaboration, managing projects, making big-picture connections, and perfecting the details to everything she does.


Chris Bowyer, Creative Director

Chris Bowyer is a dedicated creative professional with extensive agency experience. He incorporates a strategic design approach and focuses on creating truly unique visual solutions to business problems. Whether designing a fresh website, finely detailing a new logo or illustration, or creating a multimedia story that connects, Chris gives brands the wow factor to grow their organizations.